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To book Sitarick (Rick de Yampert) or to comment, e-mail:

Or call: 386-334-2752.

Sitarick (also known as Rick de Yampert), is a sitar and Native American flute player residing in the Daytona Beach, Florida, area. He performs Asian chill, world fusion, trance, raga, Buddha lounge, Beatles and down-tempo chill-out music, and also some funky fusion and up-tempo, belly dancing soundscapes.

Sitarick performs at:

* Satsangs, kirtans, Pagan gatherings, Unitarian-Universalist churches and various spiritual happenings.
* Yoga sessions -- Yoga instructors, enliven your sessions with the mellow, ancient, trance-inducing sounds of live sitar and Native American flute music . . . a perfect soundtrack for mind-body-spirit work.

* Art festivals, receptions, weddings and other events -- Looking for something unique to add to the musical palette of your next festival? Go beyond pop, rock, blues, jazz and singer-guitarists.

* Live music venues -- Coffeehouses, cafes, wine shop tastings and more.

* Recording sessions.

Sitarick has performed at satsang led by Shri Vibhuji Maharaj of India, a sacred fire ceremony led by Mayan elder Tata Apolinario Chile Pixtun, the Florida Pagan Gathering and other spiritual events. 

Sitarick has played at numerous yoga sessions in the Daytona Beach area, including Aradhika's Yoga in Palm Coast, and with area instructors Kim Latford and Jodi Ascherman, among others. He also performed during Yoga on the Beach, an Earth Day event.

Sitarick also has performed as the entertainment at cafes in the Central Florida area, including Angell & Phelps Cafe in Daytona Beach, and as part of Perego's Art Army events at Caffeine and Julian's Restaurant, both in Ormond Beach.

Sitarick has been among the performers at festivals and art shows in East-Central Florida, including SOLfest, Medium, the Enlightened Spirits Expo, the Halifax Art Festival and the DeLand Fall Festival of the Arts. He also has performed concerts at the Bandshell in Daytona Beach.


Sacred Music: From the Big Bang to “Stairway to Heaven” is a series of lecture/demonstrations that explore how and why cultures around the planet have used music to alter consciousness and open doors to the sacred, from shaman drummers to Pakistani Sufi singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, from Native American chant to “Stairway to Heaven.” This series of one-hour programs includes "Sacred Drumming: Riding the Shaman's Horse" and "Going Om: The Hindu Sacred Sound." These programs can be presented individually and-or shortened for presentation at Unitarian churches, festivals or any sacred, secular or academic gathering.

These presentations feature Rick de Yampert performing on djembe (African hand drum), sitar, Native American flute, Tibetan singing bowl and guitar. The lectures also include recordings of Kenyan witchcraft ritual music, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Native American pow-wow music and other sacred sounds.

* To have Rick present one of his "Sacred Music" lecture/demonstration/concerts at your church, organization, school or gathering, email or call him at the contacts provided above.


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