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The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd

And the nymph replied to the shepherd:
"Is not love like the full moon's mute, silver majesty:
More beautiful
Obscured by clouds
Than upon a barren midnight sky?"

In the Forest

"Every Man and every Woman is a Star."
                                -- Aleister Crowley

Fireflies flash amidst eternal twilight of the woods,
The way eyes of spider glower from beneath a leafy hood,
The crickets lament a long-dead witch's scars --
The fireflies whisper: "We are, past and future, all dead Stars."


To the Stars at Midnight of the Autumn Equinox

             When I die, I will go as you.
As you fade with the coming of day
So must I -- a dreamy eclipse of light by light,
And I would have you say:
"He once spoke with us, the stars."



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